17 Mar 2017 laia

Creating a unified life thanks to integrated technology

The importance that people place on mobile technology, whether at home or in a working environment, cannot be overlooked. As mobile devices of all types increase in functionality, innovative organisations like Samsung are adding value by building an entire network of technologies that interlink, enabling users to do more.

At the centre of the Samsung mobile ecosystem is the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones, which were designed with today’s consumer needs in mind. These devices lead the industry with a more refined design, advanced camera and streamlined software functionality, but their most important attribute is their unparalleled connectivity to a diverse range of products and services.

“Samsung is committed to empowering our consumers with ground-breaking technological solutions, in order to enhance the user experience of our products. This is why our latest smart phones, watches, fitness bands and VR solutions deliver a mobile bio-network like no other,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

For people on the go, the Gear S3 smart watch looks and feels just like a normal timepiece, only much more capable. You can stream or store music on it, make phone calls, access messages, use its built-in GPS and even control smart home products directly from the device. Thanks to native Samsung app syncing, it offers an optimal ecosystem experience.

Those with a more creative streak may want to explore the opportunities presented by the Gear 360 camera, which enables users to create, view and share their favourite experiences through 360-degree video and still image content. It allows users to create full panoramic videos and become the curators of their own virtual reality content to be enjoyed via the Gear VR.

This makes the Gear VR part of the total mobile ecosystem. This plug-and-play device works seamlessly with Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones, which slot into the Gear VR, delivering an affordable virtual reality solution. At the touch of a button, consumers can immerse themselves in an array of games, movies or multimedia, including the unique content filmed using the Gear 360.

Another important part of this system is Samsung’s fitness devices, including the IconX cord-free earbuds, which not only supply smooth sounds, but also track activities and provide updates on essential data through the S-Health App on your smartphone. This includes duration as well as heart rate, all via a dedicated voice guide.

The Gear Fit2 sports band is another fitness product that enables customers to be connected all the time and anywhere. The Gear Fit2 features an embedded GPS and a heart rate monitor that offers accurate and robust tracking and measurement, while also providing instant feedback on the user’s workout. Leave your phone at home while getting active and still have the convenience of communication updates. Even more notably, the Gear Fit2 provides access to social features, enabling the user to connect to fellow health enthusiasts via social media.

“The Samsung mobile ecosystem not only offers consumers the opportunity to combine all aspects of their life, from fitness to entertainment and communication, but also provides convenience with the seamless connection of technology. Samsung has long been renowned for setting the bar for innovation and it continues to do so with its connected mobile devices, which proves that integrated technology leads to an integrated life,” Fleischer concludes.

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