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Put Avon to the test and find your one true match! It’s as easy as identifying your skin undertone and instantly matching your skin to one of the 12 Avon True UltraMatte shades. Ranging from Dark Cocoa and Walnut, to Dessert Beige and Light Nude, Avon’s new oil-free, full coverage liquid UltraMatte foundation with Blue IQ Colour technology ensures that the chosen shade mimics your skin tone precisely for a 100% match.

The Blue IQ Colour Technology came about when a team of Avon scientists discovered the colour blue in many skin tone measurements – a colour that had never been used in the foundation before. The usual colours found in skin tones are red, yellow, black and white.

By using blue pigment instead, Avon were able to not only access brand new shades, but create a deep, multidimensional foundation. Blue pigment means deeper colour that is far closer to the natural look of many skin tones. While not all shades needed the blue pigment, the Blue IQ Colour technology has been used to achieve new options at the light and dark ends of the tone spectrum. It optimised many existing shades on offer, making them look more natural.

The new Avon True UltraMatte liquid foundation is the perfect, buildable foundation that never cakes and provides a fresh, matt finish. Available online for only R99.90 in June 2019.

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Also boasting Avon’s latest Blue IQ Colour Technology is the Avon True 3-in-1 Cream-to-Powder UltraMatte Foundation, which as the name suggests, offers a trio of benefits including flawless foundation-like cover and a matte powder finish while acting as a colour correcting concealer. The new Cream-To-Powder foundations, available in 13 shades, incorporate dry touch technology to help prevent sweat, and shields against heat and humidity to ensure all-day coverage. Purchase your Avon True 3-in-1 Cream-to-Powder Foundation in June 2019 for just R139.90.

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Want to find your perfect match? Head over to the Avon South Africa Facebook page and take the interactive quiz to find your UltraMatte shade.

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Also launched in June is the Avon True Colour Nude Matte Lipstick, especially designed to guarantee the perfect nude shade for every skin tone. Proof of this promise is Avon successfully matching this new nude lip range to 300 women of different skin tones during product development. Try out the new Nude Matte Lipsticks for a sculpted matte look, perfectly matched to you, while hydrating and caring for lips. Available from June 2019 for R94.90 or 2 for only R175.00.

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DON’T FORGET: Over 1200 of Avon’s beauty and skincare products are now available at the click of a button 24/7. Avon’s new direct delivery service offers consumers a secure pay-point system with either free delivery through a representative or a courier service straight to your door for a small fee.

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