Through its expertise in the renewable energy space, Fedgroup was able to assist Botshabelo with the installation of 106 solar panels to help significantly bring down the cost of running its early childhood development centres. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Grant Field, CEO at Fedgroup said that the company’s involvement with Botshabelo reflects its greater vision when it comes to making a change to people’s lives, namely that it must be sustainable at an individual level. Fedgroup’s partnership with Botshabelo reflects this focus.

”We avoid sponsorships that are divided amongst large numbers of people where the impact may be negligible or difficult to measure. We prefer sponsorships where the difference it makes to a person’s life is clear and enduring,” said Grant.

Botshabelo offers the public the opportunity to participate in the wellbeing of its children by allowing them to sponsor the costs and caregiving of individual babies. Sponsors even receive quarterly reports to keep them up to date with the progress the child is making. ”We are so proud to say that this year, Fedgroup has sponsored a Botshabelo baby,” said Field

To add weight to the impact, Fedgroup has inspired its staff members to become personally involved in the initiative, with regular excursions to Botshabelo. ”Here our staff can truly connect with the children they are helping. In addition to fun activities, our staff have also done renovations and paint jobs at the Botshabelo premises. The list goes on and it’s all going to one place.”

In 2018, in the first full year of Fedgroup’s involvement with Botshabelo, teams from the Johannesburg office participated in painting the Philane and Rough Diamonds Early Learning Centres in Olievenhoutbosch.

Beyond on-site visits, Fedgroup staff are regularly encouraged to collect books, nappies and milk formula in collection drives. ”As a company, we match the contributions from our members and then donates the products straight to the Botshabelo centres,” said Field.

There is a similar opportunity to get involved in sponsorship at the Urban Kids Educentre, where Fedgroup has sponsored four children throughout 2019. ”Wherever we can, we get involved. And that doesn’t stop with the children,” said Grant.

As is the case with its Beneficiary Care products, Fedgroup applies its ethos of taking care of the entire family environment to Botshabelo. The company has funded five days of workshops for parent training throughout 2019. ”These sessions focus on financial education for parents, which is our way of hopefully increasing the impact we have exponentially,” said Grant Field.

Fedgroup also assisted in building the libraries at these centres and helped to fill them. In addition, Fedgroup partnered with Botshabelo volunteer Sarah Allen (an occupational therapist) to print her book, ‘sometimes I Feel…’, which was donated to all of the over 50 UpliftED preschools.

To earn additional income, Botshabelo operates a second-hand clothing store where it sells donated clothes. When Fedgroup updated its corporate identity in 2018, all the clothing featuring the old logo was donated to the Botshabelo Second-Hand Shop.

Grant Field concluded that if one is to truly make an impact, it is important to focus. ”When that impact is tangible, and you can see the difference you make as a company, it is easy to inspire your staff and leadership to do more. We have seen Botshabelo grow exponentially, and we know that a lot of it is thanks to us.”


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