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Survey Reveals the Harmful Impact Commonly Used Phrases Have on South African Girls

27 July 2017

82% of South African teen girls want “Like a girl” to mean something positive, that encourages them to stand up for their dreams even though confidence takes a hit during...


Growing value of assets require expertise when insuring

26 July 2017

Despite tough economic times, South Africa’s luxury brand market totaled $23-billion (about R30-billion) last year, according to the New World Wealth and AfrAsia Bank study...


Motor and home winter insurance checklist make sure you are covered

17 July 2017

The cold and icy weather conditions during the winter months in South Africa increases the likelihood of both motor vehicle accidents as well as property damages occurring As a...


Fidget spinners – Are they spinning out of control?

13 July 2017

The new fidget spinner fad has fast become a ‘must-have’ toy among scholars, students and corporate executives, but with an increasing number of injuries related to the...


Insurance considerations for owning a drone

10 July 2017

Drones, formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles or remotely piloted aircraft systems, have gained significant commercial momentum over the past few years While these aerial...


Is your family covered against accidents and injuries this holiday?

04 July 2017

With the July school holiday upon us, many South African families may have plans to travel either locally or overseas during this period However, as part of this planning...


Media Release: Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 soon available to buy in South Africa

26 June 2017

Hi We’re sure you’ve heard that HMD Global has announced the availability of several Nokia phones – including the old favourite 3310, the Nokia 3 smartphone, which are on...


Nandos Finds A New Flame

22 June 2017

Nando’s has struck a flame with South Africa’s favourite satirists, ZANEWS Nando's fires up ZANEWS “At Nando’s we love that South Africans turn to humour for relief...


Why businesses need POPI consultants now more than ever

20 June 2017

The deadline for South African companies to attain compliance with the regulations laid out in the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI), is fast approaching This...


The important role of value-added services for clients

19 June 2017

Value-added services are a great initiative for companies to implement in order to reward loyal customers for their support - within any industry At the same time, these benefits...