09 Jun 2017 laia

PPS insurance wins prestigious FIA Award

PPS Insurance was named the winner of the category Long Term Insurer of the Year – Risk at last night’s FIA Awards ceremony.

“With its rich history in the industry, being a winner of an FIA Award is an extremely prestigious and sought after accolade and we at PPS are extremely proud of this achievement,” says Wimpie Mouton, PPS Executive: Life Broker Services.

He explains that the criteria for the category (Long Term Insurer of the Year – Risk) refers to the quality of the products, relationship and service offered by the provider. “This award therefore clearly underscores PPS’ commitment to become the leaders in the communities we serve and is testimony to our continued efforts in building our unique brand.

“In July 2015 we started with an internal strategy to be more intermediary-friendly. At the time we were fully aware that we needed to enhance our service to intermediaries, as we receive more than 75% of our business from external intermediaries. Our goal at that stage was to be the provider of choice for intermediaries in our target market within three years. The key areas that the team worked on was improving service to our intermediaries, increasing the knowledge of our distribution teams and building trust and stronger relationships,” says Mouton.

He states that as PPS is a niche player in the industry and only serves a small percentage of the local population (graduate professionals), they regard this award as a major achievement. “This is our first FIA Award so it is a very big honour to be recognised. We have worked extremely hard since 2015 to improve our value proposition to our accredited intermediaries and this nomination validates not only these efforts, but also that our strategy to improve the PPS experience for intermediaries was the correct one. We could not have achieved this without the support from the entire PPS Group.”

PPS thanks the FIA for this award and is extremely proud that the work the FIA does as an organisation that continues to fight for and uplift South Africa’s intermediaries.

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