15 May 2017 laia

Samsung’s curved monitors are ideal for a range of computing tasks

With most solutions, the part we use the most would also be the part we spend the greatest amount of money on. Yet when it comes to a home computing system, it is inevitably the monitor that receives the least attention when people consider upgrading or buying a new one. This is probably because people seldom consider how the display they use affects the overall experience of using the computer.

A bad monitor can cause tiredness and even eye-strain if used too often, while one that offers fewer colours can negatively impact on a gamer’s enjoyment. For these reasons people have begun demanding screens that will do justice to whatever the user wants to watch, leading to a significant shift in the development of displays in recent times. Focus has now been placed not only on better resolution, but also on improving the brilliance and the colour gamut it is able to reproduce.

“Samsung understands that user demands – whether related to work, leisure or the increasing trend towards gaming – are different today. For this reason, we have introduced a range of curved monitors designed to enable users to obtain the full benefit of this shape. Our three top displays in this regard offer something to the entry-level, premium and gaming-focused consumer,” says Mike van Lier, Director Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

The C24F390 essential curved monitor is a black monitor, designed to deliver increased viewing comfort and entertainment and has a recommended retail price (RRP) of R3 299. Samsung’s advanced curved monitor, C27F591, is a stylish designed screen in silver-white, which offers a deeply immersive viewing experience and has a recommended retail price (RRP) of R5 999.

Another one of Samsung’s top monitors to look forward to is the 27 inch C27FG70, which is specifically designed to operate as a gaming monitor and delivers both a super-fast response time of just one millisecond and extremely vibrant colours. Beneficial for gamers who are prepared to spend more to get the most out of their gaming experience, this monitor retails at an RRP of R12 999 and will be locally launched in June 2017.

While curved monitors are all the rage at present, having a curved display allows the user to truly obtain the full benefit of the curve for a truly immersive experience. In particular, this makes viewing easier on the eyes, something that is crucial if you spend hours at a time in front of it, regardless of whether you are working or playing.

“All three of these monitors offer not only the improvement of a curved screen, but also Samsung’s Quantum dot technology that provides a contrast ratio of 3000:1. This means that whether you are using it for work, for watching movies or for tackling the latest game, the technology of these monitors will provide you with an exceptional viewing experience,’’ van Lier concludes.

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